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Firstly I didn’t consent to implant the microchip RFID. I spot it while illegal implantation at the end of year 2003 microchip was inserted through the tooth in Poland, then I was not sure for 100 procent is, it RFID microchip tracking device. Secondly I have seen implanted foreign body at Pall Mall hospital in X-Ray imaging centre on whole skull image that image were not provided to me as well as profile of skull. Pall Mall has hidden before me X-Ray views of whole skull but foreign body there looks identical as on the X-Ray provided by Spire Liverpool Hospital.  Until now (12.06.2018 ) stalkers are using RFID microchip to track mine position and are bullying outsite.

At 17/03/2015 I have been in Manchester Pall Mall hospital in order to make research for implanted microchip RFID X-Ray of three area – Shoulder, Neck and skull.

pall mall

Then I report to Dr Bani Rashid from Pall Mall Manchester Clinic that implanted electronic microchip device illegaly, by Polish Army. Two pictures below are cheated in the description as well. – download software with original defrauded images

Pall Mall has fraud on order for microchip RFID diagnosis
Report on placing two pictures of the skull on one disc;  X-Rays of skull is been frauded 


Below I present two right X-Rays of shoulder it is been not frauded. They gave it to me on separate CD disc with this description. – download software files with original images

prawe ramie

prawe ramie2

Six months later I have done X-Ray in Liverpool Spire Hospital and below effect of the investigation.

Object inside

     Two X-Ray examination of two different positions was done and on both is been visible the same foreign object. Original software files with the X-Ray images are available to download at: – or drive virtual disk.

In order to achieve presented view the front window in software should be fold  in half in options provided by Spire Hospital.

6/07/2018 I complained to Liverpool Spire Hospital

Report :

Below video with correct data about right side implantation

Porównanie xray

porówn xray

At 2019 DrCurtis Offiah the Forensic expert from Forensic Acces has reject request has reject to make opinion. Company Forensic Access has taken money to make report but the Expert do not agree make opinion on question is on the X-Ray from Spire Liverpool Hospital artificial body.

below message from Forensic Access – from 04.01.2019

Good Afternoon Greg,
l hope you are well.
once again please accept my sincere apologies for the work not being undertaken l have arranged for a full refund for you. No more moneY is required the Price quoted was relevant to the work that was needed to be carried out, Unfortunately our expert thinks this may be too complex reference the technicality of producing a report for your specific requirement. l wish you the very best of luck in you finding another expert who may be able to assist you.
Kind regards
@ rontNslc ACCEss unit 1 2 The Quadrangle, C*ove Busimss Park, !łrafitage, oxfordshire, ox1 2 9EĄ Uniłed Kingdom T +44 {0)1235 774870 | F: +44 (0x235 769692 |
Email: scie nce@f ”

it raises many questions – ?

AT 2009 IN York Neuroimaging center I have had MEG Scan (Magnetoencephalography) This is examination carry out inside of Faraday cage and on the report is described ” Apart of these periodic high amplitude pulses there was little else of note ” Some signal was finded and Dr Arun Gosh had shown with finger place on him right cheekbone and said this is only place there maybe something but they in the York Neuroimaging cente are not sure. Now figure on X-Ray from Spire hospiital has been done with the same GP Dr Arun Gosh at 2015 and the X- Ray is showing artifitial body exactly there where Dr Arun has shown after MEG Scan six years before.


IMG_20190428_0001 (2)

So after MEG Examination at 2009 they find some signal in isolated Faraday cage, plus GP Dr has showing right cheekbone and said there maybe something but not sure. At 2015 I have done X-Ray in Spire Hospital that confirm indicated place by Dr Arun Gosh there is something and is visible the foreign body. No Doctor has descriibed that in my body is existing artifitial body such as RFID microchip on paper report. How that take for interpretation – There was signal but not sure !!!!!!!! or artifitial figure is visible on X- Ray examination but Dr has Described – No evidence of foreign body because the indicated object on X-Ray has the same density as a bone. – How to take that …………..

IMG_20190428_0001 (3)



– Dr Arun Ghosh said that York has finded some signal – so why do not recheck for me to confirm what it is ? in the cheekbone !!!!!!
– Pall Mall Hospital in Manchester they do not provide X-Ray examination of skull and they turned it into photos from the shoulder X-rays – Why ?
– Spire Hospital has provided X-Ray of skull but do not provide report with apropriet describction.
– Forensic Expert do not agree to provide describtion is on the X-Ray from Spire Hospital artifitial body, but company for hi was working for has taken the money and refund it later.

ząb planka copy

My appointment at The Biocentre, York Science Park, Heslington York in England with Professors was very instructive. One of the professors has explained to me how the RFID microchip are working, because at 2009 I do not know about it. Professor Gary Green or Garreth Prendergast said that If I have microchip that have to be something of size of rice ( Not like on the view above ) and that RFID do not contain battery as the phone has it, but the RFID is been charged by everywhere existing electromagnetic wave, then power made in coil in the RFID microchip is making other radiofrequence and just then these frequences are tracked by Ground GSM towers or satellites. At the time 2009 I was in possesion X-Ray only done at the tooth didn’t know then the RFID has been implanted higher to the jaw. After the Meg examination at 2009 I decide carry out with fresh private finance to carry out other exams because the symptoms of connection to the remote electronic device and stalking procedure all the time was torturing me. At 2015 I have had next check ( This time X-Ray ) and suspection the RFID has been implanted higher to the cheekbone, because Pall Mall clinic from Manchester has hiden the area in purpose for mystery. Then I realized about that what has said Dr Arun Ghosh ( GP doctor ) namely he said that at 2009 that inside the tooth nothing has been discovered but they have something finded higher and show place below eye. Then after Pall Mall I come back to the clinic in Liverpool and have done another X-Ray examination that is presented aboce at the Spire liverpool clinc.

3abb7fa7-41c0-4029-becf-3e5b48528dff 17mar2019

„The area highlighted by the red arrow is bone. ” – this is opinion of English court expert described after X-Ray examination conducted at Spire Liverpool in 2015

Whole examination copy of CD X-Ray examination is available to download on this website. On this X-Ray examination are done two angle of Rentgen and the foreign visible object is being heated on two separated examinations

X-Ray of skull

My whole adventure to England from 2005 to 2019 is probably gonna be finished as wasted, because I did not obtain support to resolve illegally implanted at 2003 RFID microchip to the cheekbone.
At 02.05.2019 I have had one more time X-Ray examination privatelly for detales to confirm dimentions of identified bone by Mewa Expert and it turned out the object is not displayed on X-Ray examination in Alexandria Hospital in Stockport Cheadle,  Mill Ln, Cheadle SK8 2PX but this identified object by Mewa Expert as a bone ( Detales about Mewa Expert on this website ) must be there still because I have had no surgery operation on it.

In my opinion the Mewa Expert has used trick and Alexandria Hospital made fraud otherwise where is the object from Liverpool Spire Hospital X-Ray examination done at 2015.

Spire Hospital X-Rays has been done of two angle and on two the object is been displayed, as well part of the object is displaying the X-Ray Examination from Pall Mall Manchester Hospital. ( Whole Examination are avabile to downaload on this website )

Meg 2 prośba

I was asking Mr Arun Ghosh privately can I have another opinion from the Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Dr Arun is very good physician and I believe He has done all in his power He had even an idea in orther to have a look in America for a better specialist than carrently at this time England can do.

Dr Arun is very good specialist as a General Practice doctor so when I was asking for a Record from the MEG scan and the York Science Park said the record has gone, Dr Gosh had list with researches of new clinics propositions in order to make an other Magnetoencephaography examinations.


After that all examinations I have had invented by myself request for National Health Care ( NHS ) for a Doctor of psychiatry for an individual mental health check and I have passed the mental health check as a normal. ( I am in possession the confirmation for it )


Neurolog PL


At 2006, I started as a person on level at curriculum vitae after school I have had no money in order to carry out private investigations to release myself of illegal implanted RFID, stalking and health threat so I had to be dependent from State healthcare in Poland. Above is my first referral for planned by me RFID microchip investigation. On this Polish paperwork above it is referral from General Practice doctor for neurologist. When I get the meeting with neurologist doctor my request for RFIID microchip investigation has beeb rejected without any receipt of the rejection. On the stamp is been signature of Aneta Brzoza the G.P – Bogatynia at 04.04.2006 I hava had difficults to find work ( No work ) so I had to move out of Poland now 01.07.2019 I have some documents, but that is enough to start Police investigation. Always I am connected with RFID and the oppressors as the goverment are always first as reading my mind experinetators.

After all investigations and the confused with doctors I decided to confirm the third dimensions of the RFID microchip visible on the examinations with DR Arun Ghosh and the object what in past doctors particularly documented has gone on Computed Tomography done by National Health Service ( NHS ) it looks like someone has erased the evidence because object is not visible on the CT exam. ( I have not removed that on my own ) Above it is link to the google drive avabile to download in .rar extantion.

After NHS check the CT examination ! I carried out one more investigation in order to make sure is it for 100 percent not mistake done National Health Service in England. That was in Alexandria private hospital in Stockport. Object on the examination as well has gone on the view. In my own opinion are existing only two explenation – first is the object has been swallowed with out my knowlegue or the two doctors has done another frauds. I am convinced the RFID microchip is still in place. Above avabile to downaload the copy of the examination.

Below all collection of my Doctors investigations in rar extension provided on CD disc. Pall Mall must have installed soft java in order to open compressed files. Pall Mall CD can be open with password that’s combination of D.O.B one CD disc has different password than my D.O.B there is one day forward or backward e.g 07.09.83 or 05.09.83 may by whole year like 1983 and may by sign / between.

Below Spire Liverpool hospital the password is combination of my D.O.B this or this –      ”


I am looking for a Lawyer to bring this matter to court – Someone who wish resolve that problem please text or call on 07543964135

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     At this point, I discovered that I detected one mistake. This is the date of military service, which I had in Bolesławiec – After checking the documents, it turned out that I started military service 03.06.2003 and I finished at 25.05.2004 I am sorry for inconvinience.

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