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Four tasks I am doing now.


Here Abowe are my private selections of treasures. That’s treasures are impossible, to measure it out with money.

Would you like to donate and support our common rights, do it because solution is here Our Freedom. STOP abusing with new technology and create Mind Control Detector Device – go link below

Chciałbyś przekazać darowiznę i wesprzeć nasze wspólne prawa, zrób to, ponieważ rozwiązanie jest tutaj Nasza Wolność. STOP nadużywania technologii elektromagnetycznych przeciwko ludziom umożliwi detektor – urządzenie do  kontroli umysłu – przejdź do linku poniżej

Doc Below

14.05.2019 Informed on at
My name is Grzegorz Tomasz Borysiwicz I am Polish person most likely I am part of the Former President Bogdan Borusewicz. In 2003, I was microchipped RFID, through tooth into the right upper jaw, without my consent, and it happened on the territory of the Polish military unit.
I went long journey through gates made by Polish and English diplomatic procedures of authority power to release myself from electronic harassment, stalking and degradation of my life. Bogan Borusewicz former President of Poland has been in past comunist oppositionist and my expectation is that the blood relation has been planed to public disclosure remote mind control devices such as thoughts control.
If Bogdan B. has ordered to perform RFID microchip implantation into my right jaw at time of my basic training in Polish Military Services at 2002-2003 he mayby in trouble now, because in official he does not admit to be kin related to me.
I live and work from 2005 in England and by this time I have got done a lot investigations for microchip illegal implantation – please have a look on website at
I need help to bring appropriate investigation because Polish and English recon with doctors cooperation are using frauds and tricks to hide the crime.
I need help of Expert to make correct diagnosis on report of X-Ray examination, because doctors are useing bypass to rid of proving RFID implantation.
Please have a look what Spire Liverpool Radiologists has described on report from that X-Ray examination.
I have repeatedly reported a report to the Prosecutor’s Office in Poland and to the Police in England, my requests to initiate an investigation are rejected.
I have to prove the microchip implantation in order to stop illegal surveillance directed against my family already second generation and provide appropriate environment for my family.

Kind of regard
Grzegorz Borysiewicz 00447598659887




Zniszczoł Borysiewicz


Me and Maciej were awarded at the end of military service as three guys of a thousand soldiers for a exemplary attitude. I obtained Coat of arms of a military unit.

Krzyż na desce

I gave an obsolete picture taken from years ago to the military book. At time I have been on basic Military Service I was serving in Military shooting range but in the Military book I have position as a reckoner service. One profesional Soldier said to me basic training soldiers don’t supposed to be on this position.Too bad because I was serving there 11 months and have nice memories.

Książeczka Wojskowa



Below label For the request of the commander, for his exemplary soldier’s attitude, while guard duties distinguished on the short-term leave of 3 days by rank, Borysiewicz

Misja Bojowa

UK Resident Documentation

After Professional Technical School and Basic Military Services I was attending to High School Named Maria Skłodowska-Curie in Bogatynia. I started at 2004 but I didn’t finish because of finances.

Document below I sent at 2006 for Office of High Commissioner of Human Rights with fax number shown on the paper.

Offce of hgh commisioner1

Today I send information regarding certified devices able to detect carcinogenic radiation directed in purpose on Human Being in order to damage a health of Victims by hidden criminals or Military Regimes. Below part of the email
Good Evening

Dear Maria Dahle
My name is Grzegorz, I would like to ask you for taking a part in project that aims of supporting Human Rights. My idea is to create certified devices able to detect carcinogenic radiation directed in purpose on Human Being in order to damage a health of Victims by hidden criminals or Military Regimes . I am victim of remote mind decoding by computer devices with illegaly implanted RFID microchip, electormagnetic wave and is been directed on me Voice to Skull ( V2K,- Vibrations of middle ear are making sound like voice only hearable in head. ) All that compilations are harmfull for health and untill now is not provided certified device to detect and to make right complaint for that illegal treatment. In my case the Targeted Individual system is been set up by Former President Bogdan in Poland but around the world is been a lot of Victims of that or similar treatment. Please have a look on my webside there I have done efforts to sort the problem out.

Thank you
Kind of Regards
Grzegorze Tomasz Borysiewicz

Grzegorz T Borysiewicz All Rights Reserved

Long hair just before being cut it down before starting Military Service

My first published song. I’ve done all on my own money to buy equipment, as such as musical equipment, mastering stuff, I am playing on instruments on my own, I’ve done staging and I wrote the words, as well I’m singing. Only help I’ve got, it is a little bit picturing, I’ve obtain that support from my step brother.
Support for person such as Target Individual that’s something like miracle. Everyone around just think how to stand on his way, because people known that one won’t get any support even if something against him is done.