My name is Grzegorz T Borysiewicz.

Since lad time I am a victim of surveillance and manipulation thorughout friends and family. At 2005 at funeral of my grandmother pictures was doing my aunt at Złotnki and she has done photography on that I am and Former President Bogdan Borusewicz. With the age of 19, I become a victim of mind control with an RFID implanted microchip that has been implanted without my consent and without informing me about the microchip, Voice to skull, and assassination attempts.

In my life was happen situations that, in combination with the maintained control, is proving to be an attempt to bring my person to annihilation. I am aware about five attempts made against my person that was life threats.

1 – RFID (tracking device) microchip implantation and mind control. (Health damage and non-immunization could cause cancer and the end the experiment with death)

2 – Submission of a prostitute who, was using the cooperation with RFID microchip operators, made able her to hide activity and prostitute in the victim’s environment to such an extent that she was granted the bride’s statute for the unsettled six-year relationship. (After six years of the relationship, finding out that the fiancée is doing a family and environmental gang bang all the time is been a threat to life, for the victim)

3 – Agent attempting to convince my family members to a group attack on my person with a knife (Recording the incident below meet 56 )

4 – „Voice to skull” V2K operators are molesting and abusing me 24 hours a day using secret technology from 2004 until now 2019 and carry it on – this is life threatening.

5 – This is the biggest threat to life caused by agents hired to frame my person in a crime, or to create risk of life. I can not give details, because it is a threat to public safety, and given the fact that everyone is directed by one BB person, there is a suspicion that this is a hoax.

– Maciej Zniszczoł from Poland – Rybnik Ulica Floriańska (He did a similar act in the Polish Army – Bolesławiec, there where I was serving ) and also let me know about it.

– Daniel Szymczyk from a small village of Złotniki – Lubańskie, there where I was living in 1996 (He accomplished a specific act in the Polish Army – Świętoszów) and let me know about it (I was 13 years old)

Names and surnames are published due to very importance incidents – Activity of these two people are forcing me to resolving mystery of RFID microchip, Mind Control and Voice to skull devices.

I am aware that the matter has come to light, but they would like to set me up in a crime to lose my life because I discover secret society and I am a musician.

No one ever told me that I was observed straight to my face. I think English people are convinced I should not be treated like that. Microchip RFID is been not removed from my jaw. I will inform here about any changes.
” Never Free ”

I have never been punished by a court and I have never been infected with HIV I have not been diagnosed with a mental illness and I have never been treated psychiatrically – 18.06.2019 – Government do not have reason in order to keep me under control with RFID microchip, because I am blood related to Former President Bogdan Borusewicz and he has in past overthrow communist system in Polish history.

Most bad moment is to open the eyes after night and realizing the disappointment what is happening about „Targeted Individual Society” ( What have to do, to go forward )

Then V2K torturers ( Voice to skull ) Can you imagine some people are abusing you with covered interface voice connection to your brain and threatening to you.

They are threatening before getting sleep and when wake up. Some abusers began torture me with V2K from 2004 and every day from morning to the evening without while to break to this day it is 2019.

I was born, in 1983, in such a small town so everyone who was from outside the area and had unfair intentions immediately became a taboo subject. These were the times of Communism, in Poland and my home often visited Polish Soldiers . My Mother met with them and that’s why my Father was targeted individual. I remember that he suffered because of the trap between women and soldiers. My brother and me were discriminated until moving out (1991) .

In 2016 in England, from my older brother, I heard that Bogdan Borusewicz is my relative and I understood why whole my life is under surveillance.  I lived until 19 years old with a prostitute made by military communists, because I was vaccinated at the age of 3 and I remember how my mother talked to the nurse that my dad can not find out about it. That does not matter because I was underage, it does not have such a big significance as you are not aware of remote control of thoughts.

I was humiliated with my brother and the whole community always mocked me. So I wanted to become addicted to my mother as soon as possible and I volunteered for the army because I wanted to start working quickly after my professional education, but army was playing on time so I had to press to be drafted into the army ( At that time, the military service was obligatory in Poland, for everyone who finished education for one year )

I graduated with honors in military service, but I was implanted with RFID during dental treatment without my consent. and then the real persecution started with everyone involved in my new environment so I left Poland to prove the crimes against humanity of illegal RFID microchip implantation and exposure to my health and life on threat. I worked as a slave in England to prove a crime and release myself from fascist bullying in my head using voice to skull with polish language.

Prostitute has cleaned me out of money but I had to catch her because in the past, the Polish army did it to my dad ( I saw with my own eyes as a Polish soldier threatened to my mother in order to secretly co-operate and provided sexual services) I heard as well as prostitute given to me was complaining because people around was raping her behind my back and no one make reaction of that ocassion even ( English police ) because as been told she agree to provide sexual service ( she doesn’t admit to me about she is a prostitute )

„RFID system, Mind control, V2K enables telepathic communication and it works on simple physical principles, that’s why this is existing so long. They target with measure to the nanometer accuracy with RFID, they are using to target UHF radio frequencies. Low frequencies in the range of 0-150 Hz are used to read frequencies of brain as EEG (Electroencephalography) does, while satellite. While satellite microwave devices of the ground orbit irradiate the atmosphere and produce vibrations with frequencies audible to the middle ear (Ultrasound) But the electromagnetic wave is as well able to make vibration on the middle ear.

Polish nazi are abusing me all the time every day 24 hours by day from 2005 with V2K and were constantly hiding with using agenda to persecution. They are using RFID for mind control purposes with voice to skull for carrying experimentation. Collected information from my head are publishing in local media without surname but covered local agents was tracking me and pointing me to that published in media humiliating sick show.

Every place wherever I go as shop, gym, work I was accompanied by agentsas plus the prostitute activities that was enormous scandal and it is still horror as the hell. Actually my mother is married and she think it is alright as well  Natalia W my ex fiancee ( Prostitute ) has another boyfriend and she think it is alright too. At the beginning of 2004, in the Army during the treatment of the tooth, I was implanted with a RFID microchip without giving my consent to the cheekbone. The X-Ray photo from Spire Hospital is presented below.

I believe that even before 2004 I were being remotely Mnd Controlled. Around 1996, walking with my mother at the lake, a uniformed Soldier grabbed me and threw me into the water saying „What is to be hanged will not drown” mocking my Mother’s anxiety. My Father was Targeted Individual before I was born and now I whole my life is devoid of freedom.

Me and my father never been convicted by court surveillance is happening because of new communist regime as RFID and Mind Control reason or Bogdan Borusewicz is playing on two to prove his loyalty for Polish Army but Polish goverment is making illegal experimentation on me already secound generation in system Targeted Individual.

I was forced to two repatriate and lose job in England, they cut me off from family support, and now are waiting until I lose all my money for sure make something then in legal will devoid me of physical liberty.

– Bogdan Borusewicz the Solidarity activist in the times of communism, in Poland and the former President of Poland, in 2015 is related to me from my Father side.





During mine military service at 2003/2004 ( nice local girl of name Izabela G. was visitng me in a military unit she was then 18 years old woman and is doing well so far. Question is :
– Forced cooperations with covered authoity power on my mother during the communist regime in Poland ( Before 1989 )
– Covered cooperation of Authoity Power with Natalia W. – my formal Fiancée Natalia W. – Polish woman 1976 from Lublin ) Could be as well foreced !!!

– Bogdan Borusewicz studied in Lublin at the time when Natalia W. was born (my fiancée from a 6-year relationship in England and a heroine of recordings on this web page)

Cooperation with does three womans is illegal and could be a requirement for successive experiments with use of RFID microchip, V2K and Mind control conspiracy but that could also bring a lot of threats.


Bogdan Borusewicz 02 Senate of Poland.jpg

Marshal of the Polish Senate Bogdan Borusewicz.

How can be possible that Polish army is testing on me Mind Control, RFID microchip and Voice to skull without knowledge of Former President Bogdan Borusewicz and if hi is from my family, and how this is happening firstly to my father and now on me from child time if Bogdan do not know about it.

Below picture of my father


Above my father, he was serving for Polish army in 1976. He was a victim of Targeted Individual by woman cooperation ( My mother ) at 1983-1989 with national security service – my father died at 2004 and was never convicted by court. Fact that my father was a Targeted Individual testifies my ID card there is printed name of my mother previous husband she has made e.g bang on this family and has childs with two brathers – With my father and with my stepbrother’s father. Bogdan Borusewicz was cousin to my father and start cooperation before 1989 in order to overthrowing the real commune regime in Poland.

Dowód1 (1) out

My mother has done so called ” Bang ” on family Borysiewicz the evidence is on my ID card on that is name of my brother’s father. She was married with Zbigniew but I am son of Roman, she forced prostitute service covered before my father. That was happening at 1983 – 1989 comunist time in Poland. I know that becousee I have been everywhere with her and my father was asking me have I seen something like conspiracy.

Dowód1 (2)

Then my ex-bridge has done. so called ” Bang ” on next generation in family Borysiewicz with successful wasting 14 years in my life progress. But I have not kids that Bang has happen in England from 2009 to 2017 I have knowledge she was in cooperation with Polish Military Services.


Above on the picture I am – my whole life is under surveillance by Polish Security Services by the cooperating with mother and later, by the Polish Army with RFID, and Mind Control.



On this above picture on the left is my Father at middle is my Brother Marcin and on the right is Marcin’s Father. I have not change name at my ID card with court but I have plan to do so.

finger print

I get to know remotely from V2K operators that my image ( face ) was published in Warsaw and should be in the IPN.

  • On Video below woman is declaring to be fioncee and support victim of Targeted Individual.




Below the same woman.

     Her story that four guys raped her at 1993 when she was 17 year old, one guy the boss of the four gang was just released from prison and last was raping her boyfriend.



On this video recorded at the end of December 2017 belowed she is soliciting clients for prostitution in warehouse during work with her fiance working near by

Three months after I was dismissed in humiliation due to to Natalia W and the shift manager.

I have been fired from company Music Magpie in England, Stockport when boss and the owner with Natalia W. had discovered the voice record showed below. Natalia W in cooperation with Mike T. ( her sexual client and manager ) they made invented solidarity of three false witnesses and together had cheated the truth formally so in humiliation I had to leave from work.

„…………. and for me boobs ” – that was saying my fiancee during work to the Team Leader. I was standing on front of them and have heard all they saying. If I ask the Natalia ( fiancee ) why you do that she lieying.

Below is presented voice record of trying to recruit my brother to hit me with a knife. An attempt to kill in a group murder. Recruiting is doing Radosław W. ( Polish language ) brother of my ex- fiancee. ( Hired and covered prostitute Natalia W. )


Below electromagnetic wave all the time in my range

People persecute me, torture me, electronically, persecute on the streets and harm my health. They break human rights in front of society. The worst part is that everyone cheats on favor of the oppressors.






Prok Translation




Prokuratura Cywilna i Wojskowa 2003w2006

The whole social procedure allowing to prove the crime with the implanted RFID microchip from Government Offices in Poland eg. GP doctor, the Office of Environmental Protection, the Police, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Ombudsman, the Minister of Justice Mr Zbigniew Ziobro at 2005, did not provide to me professional protection granted by the Constitution.

10/06/2018 I am going to Poland permanently and will not be able to prove every aspect of mind control experimentation. My half-brother and cousin are in England now, Isabela G. and Natalia W are live in England so English Police could have investigated as I asked in early 2018 in Stockport Police station ( detales are on this website ). They can confirm persecution with the use of illegal surveillance devices, but unfortunately my requests to initiate an investigation against a threatening prostitute and illegal mind control with an RFID implanted microchip did not even bring a written response about the refusal. The MKultra regime most likely created intentionally by the specialist Bogdan Borusewicz to overthrow the illicit mind control system has been neglected by the British despite mine many requests and even complaints about the police.


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At this point, I discovered that I detected one mistake. This is the date of military service, which I had in Bolesławiec – After checking the documents, it turned out that I started military service 03.06.2003 and I finished at 25.05.2004 I am sorry for inconvinience.

I have one report to Polish public prosecutor about tooth treatment and I have said there is possible that the microchip RFID has been implanted before I attend to the military service. I declare there is not possible the RFID microchip has been implanted before my military sercice, because treatment before I had only 10 minutes, that was drop appointement and was not dip drilling and there was no root canal treatment.


All together what I met it is Polish MK Ultra as a symbol of what country ? It is serious experimentation and I am a victim of serious crime. All that has been prepared by person who are providing such as symbol as Polish Solidarity.

I am solidarity people who has providing a right understanding for the future for everybody. Should I then be against Mr President Bogdan Borusewicz.

I am after Human Rights and freedom assured by government so I am supporting the symbolic right understanding and I wish to bring the new communist system to the light as the idea of Former President Mr Bogdan Borusewicz.

From paperwork side for all crimes around illegal implanted RFID responsible is not the Mr Bogdan Borusewicz unless I have been injected with RFID microchip around age of 3-5 year old, because after buttock vaccination I have heard speech of my mother to my grandmother ” Roman can’t get to know about this vaccination ) Roman was my father. Evidence of injected RFID into buttock ( if ) can be in English hospital in Stockport ” Stepping Hill Hospital ” I have had there carry out a lot of X-Ray examination for colitis disease at 2017.

Since I can remember in my life always someone was making stress on me ( I am comparing this to pumping stress to my heart ) Always someone was stalking me from childtime. I did not know why is that going on I beleive now that was prepatating to life in england. Otherwise if I don’t go to England for a new life I could not discower human trafficking on the west, becouse without English language could be difficult to understood that my life is sold to singing artists.

At 2003/2004 I have been implanted with RFID in Polish Military Unit and then the Authority as a President of Poland has had Mr Aleksander Kwaśniewski.

Due to the fact I came to Poland at 11.06.2019 from England. My home was empty by at least two years, mother has reported to me burglary, because of easy access. I can expect surprises like framing me to in crime or ridding off my person of the threat for a raeason of criminals regime with Mind Control devices. I declare I am not in possesion of any dangeros weapon and I am not planning make suicide. Grzegorz T Borysiewicz