RFID Microchip implanted illegaly and remote mind control since the end of 2002

On this Video the woman is declaring to be fioncee and support victim of Targeted Individual.

  On this video recorded at the end of December 2017 belowed sheshe is soliciting clients for prostitution in warehouse during work with her fiance working near by

Three months after I was dismissed in humiliation due to to Natalia W and the shift manager


„…………. and for me boobs ” – that was saying my fiancee during work to the Team Leader. I was standing on front of them and have heard all they saying. If I ask the Natalia ( fiancee ) why you do that she lieying.

Below is presented voice record of trying to recruit my brother to hit me with a knife. An attempt to kill in a group murder. Recruiting is doing Radosław W. ( Polish language ) brother of my ex- fiancee. ( Hired prostitute Natalia W. )



Below electromagnetic wave all the time in my range

People persecute me, torture me, electronically, persecute on the streets and harm my health. They break human rights in front of society. The worst part is that everyone cheats on favor of the oppressors.


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